Sprouting Made Easy

Did you know that the most consistent factor among the blue zone centenarians are the fact that they all consume legumes regularly?

Did you also know that traditional wisdom calls for proper preparation of grains, seeds and legumes such as soaking or sprouting before cooking?

These days I like to sprout them because it makes them so much easier to cook!

Sprouting grains are really easy!

Step 1: Wet and drain them about 2 times a day

Step 2: Repeat until you find little roots poking out (usually in 2-3 days!)

Today I also tried a Jamie Oliver inspired Mediterranean style beans and grains recipe.

Boiled them all with a sweet potato, drained, smashed the potato, added olive oil, lemon, salt and all the fresh herbs I had on hand. Mix it up and serve.

Delicious! 👌🏻

From the kitchen,



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