Experimenting with a Herb blend for Musculoskeletal Conditions

I seem to have an affinity for musculoskeletal conditions both in my clinical practice and personal life. 💪

Maybe it’s because of my lifelong love of fitness or my history of arthritic autoimmune disease and injuries. 🤕

These days I seem to be getting more clients with muscle/joint/nerve pain and even myself, having joint weakness and new injuries from my daily workout sessions.

So, I have been continually reading up on herbs that might help. 🌿

A great advantage we have as herbalists is we can also take our own medicine and so I have been making various herb blends to try on myself. 🍶

This latest one is my best so far! 😁

In just 1 week on a low dose of this, I feel my joint weakness and injuries disappearing and I’m recovering much better and faster from my workouts! 👍

The main herb is Sarsaparilla which is a sweet, pungent, somewhat bitter, warm and moist herb. This is the same one used for flavouring in the early coca cola and root beer days! (remember Sarsi??) 🍺

Also known as Smilax officinalis, the root is “ideal for treating individuals with chronic metabolic toxicosis underpinned by metabolic and/or nutritional and/or endocrine insufficiencies”

These days we are more and more certain that many conditions involve inefficient elimination of toxins from the body. This is called toxicosis and these toxins can accumulate in joints causing joint pain. ☠️

An additional benefit was when my good friend remarked the other day “John what happened to your skin?”

“What’s wrong?”

“Oh it looks better.”

“Haha thanks, must be the herbs I’ve been taking.” 😜

(Instagram repost)


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