Healing Story: Chronic Fever


When she first came to me, I was shocked to hear that her daughter’s fever was already 1 month long!

After a holistic assessment, it was clear that there was still an infection that her body was trying to overcome.

However, her mum told me that her fever never went above 38.3 dC. Coupled with her lab tests which showed low WBC, this started to look like a case of low immunity.

Within a week on our herbs, her body was able to mount a stronger immune response and her fever peaked at 39dC.

From there, she started to feel much better, and the fever eventually cleared by the 2nd week.

I am glad that her parents were also open minded enough to learn about how to treat a fever naturally, to let it run its course and not suppress it 👍

✅️ Your body has the innate ability to heal itself if given the right conditions.


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