This page features posts related to spirituality and my own spiritual healing.

I hope these posts help you reconnect with God,
Motivate you to pray
To give thanks and praise
To find your mission/purpose/calling/vocation in life
To surrender your spirit and will to let the Lord direct your thoughts, words, actions and deeds.

Ultimately, I pray that you will lead a fulfilling life in selfless service and charity for those in need, for our planet and all of God’s creation, for the greater good and in accordance with God’s will.

God bless you!

In chronological order starting from the latest:

  1. The Lesson To Learn
  2. Inner Peace
  3. Bless Everyone!
  4. Butterfly Messages from Heaven and Incidentally ‘Fishing’ with my Hands!
  5. Flows, Synchronicities and Job Hunting
  6. Another Blessed Morning!
  7. Return to Nature
  8. God Provides!
  9. Let the WONDER Consume You
  10. Seeing is Believing?
  11. The Sun: The Perfect Analogy for God
  12. Lent: Pray, Fast, Give
  13. The Most Malevolent Nightmare
  14. A Miraculous Shadow in Church!?
  15. Roses, Flowery Scents in Church and a Feather Up My Nose!
  16. Free Chinese Tuition From God!
  17. The Warmest Church Welcome!
  18. Finding A Prayer Closet in My Room!
  19. “Man O Man!”
  20. Into The Great Unknown!
  21. My Spiritual Dream
  22. 🕊 The Most Precious of Gifts – The Holy Spirit! 🕊
  23. People Are Often More Than What They Seem!
  24. Finding a Lost Dog; Food as Medicine and Poison; God’s Plans In Action!
  25. “The Agony in The Garden”
  26. Body, Minds and Spirit: Connecting the Disconnected!
  27. A New Godfather!
  28. Finding a New Sport through Divine Intervention?
  29. Willing Hands: An Unexpectedly Blessed Morning!
  30. Christian Meditation: A Centering Prayer
  31. Spirituality: Composing Prayers/Poems Because I Could Not Sleep!