What is Naturopathy?


  • Naturopathy is a holistic medical system that considers all influences on health from mental to physical, social and spiritual factors. 
  • It is designed to prevent illness and promote health and well-being by finding and treating the root cause of disease, as well as treating the entire person, not just symptoms. 
  • Naturopathy has its roots in traditional medicine practices from Greek to Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine. However, modern Naturopathy has a strong scientific and evidence-based background. 
  • Naturopaths are trained in multiple modalities from standard medical knowledge about diseases and pharmacology to clinical nutrition, supplements and lifestyle counselling like a health coach.
  • Additionally, a Medical Herbalist is trained in the use of herbal medicine.
  • Thus, Naturopathy compliments conventional medicine by offering complimentary treatments to conventional medication and therapies. This is highlighted in our ability to improve management of chronic diseases caused by modern diet and lifestyle such as obesity, diabetes, heart disease, autoimmune disorders, asthma, etc. 
  • Many Naturopaths work alongside doctors in an integrative healthcare setting and care is taken to always check any prescription (herbs/foods/supplement) to avoid interactions with medication/treatments. Client safety is always top priority.

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Naturopathic Philosophies: Vitalism and Holism

Naturopathic Principles:

  1. “First, Do No Harm” (Naturopathic Principle 1)
  2. “The Healing Power of Nature” (Naturopathic Principle 2)
  3. “Treat the Cause” (Naturopathic Principle 3)
  4. “Treat the WHOLE PERSON” (Naturopathic Principle 4)
  5. “Doctor as Teacher” (Naturopathic Principle 5)
  6. “Disease Prevention and Health Promotion” (Principle 6)
  7. “Wellness” (Principle 7)

Naturopathic Theories:

  1. Naturopathic Theories overview
  2. Naturopathic Cures
  3. “Value of a Fever”
  4. The Therapeutic Order
  5. Hering’s Law of Cure
  6. Theory of Toxaemia
  7. Emunctory Theory
  8. Humoral Theory

Naturopathic Diagnosis:

  1. Human Constitutions