Elderly Strength Training?

I was advising an elderly client today who was asking about whether she should sign up for a SAFRA gym membership. She was concerned about losing muscle mass as she aged.

I told her if she wanted to, she could go to any ActiveSG gym for free in Singapore.

I also added to approach the gym instructors for how to use the equipment and that she could start with the machines which are much safer and start with very light weights.

Please note this is not professional advice as I am not a practicing sports physician/trainer/physiotherapist etc.

In general, we advocate exercising in the open in the morning, where the oxygen levels are at its highest and you can get some valuable vitamin D too.

Singapore also has many fitness corners equipped with machines that are safe for the elderly like the one in the photo below.

I also found this great YouTube channel and playlist for functional strength training videos and other motivational videos for the elderly to stay fit and healthy: https://www.youtube.com/@activesgmastersclub6319

我今天为一位老年客户提供建议,她问她是否应该注册成为 SAFRA 健身房会员。 她担心随着年龄的增长会失去肌肉。

我告诉她,她可以免费去新加坡任何一家 ActiveSG 健身房。





我还找到了这个很棒的 YouTube 频道和播放列表,播放功能性力量训练视频和其他激励老年人保持健康的视频:https://www.youtube.com/@activesgmastersclub6319


2 thoughts on “Elderly Strength Training?

  1. This is such a heartwarming and informative post! It’s great to see people who care about others and are willing to help with their fitness journey. Your advice to start with lighter weights and to approach gym instructors for help is spot on. And the fact that ActiveSG gyms are free for everyone in Singapore is such a fantastic opportunity for everyone to get fit and healthy. The suggestion to exercise in the open air in the morning is also brilliant. Not only does it boost oxygen levels, but it also helps with getting that much-needed dose of vitamin D. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and advice!


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