Do you remember eating Hawthorn candy when you were a young child in Singapore? (Haw Flakes)

This delicious candy is actually made from one of the best herbs for the heart!

In western herbal medicine (Phytotherapy), Hawthorn is valued as a heart trophorestorative because it nourishes the heart muscle and has a regulating effect on the whole cardiovascular system. Modern research now confirms its benefits for all organic and chronic functional heart and coronary disorders (even atherosclerosis). Hawthorn is a leading remedy for high blood pressure and has also been found to regulate heart rhythm.

Psycho-spiritually, Hawthorn also nourishes one’s heart and supports symptoms of anxiety with palpitations, heart ache or grief, PTSD, insomnia and over-excitability (ADHD).

Hawthorn is a key component of our Phyto-Xin herb blend for emotional distress.

还记得小时候在新加坡吃山楂糖吗? (山楂饼)


在西方草药(植物疗法)中,山楂被认为是一种心脏滋养剂,因为它可以滋养心肌,对整个心血管系统有调节作用。现代研究现在证实了它对所有器质性和慢性功能性心脏和冠状动脉疾病(甚至动脉粥样硬化)的益处。 山楂是治疗高血压的主要药物,也被发现可以调节心律。


在精神上,山楂还能滋养心脏,并支持心悸、心痛或悲伤、创伤后应激障碍、失眠和过度兴奋 (ADHD) 等焦虑症状。

山楂是我们的 Phyto-Xin 草药混合物的关键成分,可缓解情绪困扰。

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