Galangal Full Monograph

Our office Galangal Galangal root Hildegard Galgant-Tabs Galangal tablets Have you heard of Galangal? This is a pungent/spicy herb that gives a similar kick as ginger but can save you in a heart attack or stroke! Because of this, many of our clients carry around a bottle of these tablets whenever they travel. My own … Continue reading Galangal Full Monograph



"Lungwort is an old European lung remedy, useful for cough by reducing irritation and helping to allay chronic cough hacking and wheezing. I used it very well for chronic asthmatic patients worsened by humid weather (Singapore?). Herbalists included lungwort in formulas for tuberculosis, bronchitis, whooping cough, and lung infections. Lungwort 是一種古老的歐洲肺藥,可通過減少刺激和幫助緩解慢性咳嗽和喘息來治療咳嗽。我將它很好地用於因潮濕天氣而惡化的慢性哮喘患者(新加坡?)。 西方草藥師在治療肺結核、支氣管炎、百日咳和肺部感染的配方中加入Lungwort" - Dr Sebastian … Continue reading Lungwort

Nettle Seed

"Are you tired all the time? Got bubbles in your urine? Please do a medical check. It could be weak kidney function. One of the best herbs to support kidney function is nettle seed. Nettle seed is considered a Western adaptogen herb that supports the adrenal glands and endocrine system. It is a kidney tonic. … Continue reading Nettle Seed

Hart’s Tongue Fern

"Hart's Tongue Fern (HT) is a traditional European herb that supports the spleen and the liver. Taught by St Hildegard of Bingen, the famed herbalist, and Benedictine abbess - "It is good for the liver, the lungs, and the gut." Between the liver and the lung is a close functional connection because the liver provides … Continue reading Hart’s Tongue Fern


"Rose has a great affinity for the heart and love - Goddess of beauty Venus in Greek mythology and the Virgin Mary in Christian culture. According to ancient teachings, the heart was the soul and the seat of emotions. Modern research studies such as Heart Math have confirmed what was taught by the old doctors … Continue reading Rose


Nettle (Urtica Dioica) is traditionally known to be one of the most nutritious herbs with blood cleansing and blood building properties. Modern science confirms its high protein, calcium, potassium, magnesium, iron and chromium content. Nettle supports all protein pathways in the body – digestion, immune response, liver metabolism, skin reactions, and kidney elimination. Therefore Nettle … Continue reading Nettle


Plantain (Plantago major) is one of the most commonly found plants along fields and meadows in Europe, Central Asia, and Eurasia. The leaves are an excellent first-aid for insect bites or stings from Stinging Nettle. Plantain is traditionally used in Western herbal medicine for wound healing, inflammation and infections. Plantain’s energetics is cool and dry, … Continue reading Plantain


Do you remember eating Hawthorn candy when you were a young child in Singapore? (Haw Flakes) This delicious candy is actually made from one of the best herbs for the heart! In western herbal medicine (Phytotherapy), Hawthorn is valued as a heart trophorestorative because it nourishes the heart muscle and has a regulating effect on … Continue reading Hawthorn


#Herboftheday FENNEL is an age-old, easily available universal remedy. 100% healthy - it is one of the best digestive and strengthening herbs. Fennel can support relief of indigestion, cramps, bad breath, body odor, gas, heartburn, anxiety, colic, the digestion of fatty foods and digestive distress after dietary mistakes (esp. fried foods). St Hildegard writes, “However … Continue reading Fennel


Herb of the Day: "Echinacea is one of the most well-known Western herbs. Traditionally, the American Indians used it for snake bites and poisons. The media tells you it boosts immunity, a very superficial understanding. The correct application for Echinacea is alterative - lymph and blood cleansing. I applied this principle in my formulae PHYTO-VIRA … Continue reading Echinacea