Finding Your Balance

One morning I met a 75-yr old former SEA games Boxer at the park.

He has prostate cancer and was undergoing chemo but still exercises regularly.

Him: “I took a rest yesterday.”

Me: “Me too.”

Him: “I think it’s important because the body loses something when you push it. You have to let it get it back.”

Me: “Agreed. We need to find balance.”

This was just 2 life-long athletes sharing a universal truth and understanding.

This reminded me of my younger days when my ego made me feel indestructible,

and the fear-of-missing-out (FOMO) made me train on off-days…

and even when I was injured.

That led me down a painful road of injuries and autoimmunity. (see “About Me” page)

Well, sometimes the best lessons are the ones we have to learn the hard way right?

Photo by Tom Fisk on

Like the Chinese Yin-Yang,

always find balance in your life.

Choose the middle path.

Have a blessed week friends 🕊


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