More Kitchen Experiments – Spelt Couscous, Tangy Curry, “Pineapple-Apple Danish”!

More kitchen experiments! 👨🏻‍🍳


First time cooking with Spelt Couscous – feel like it got dissolved in that veggie curry 😅 maybe I should’ve cooked it separately.

For the curry, besides normal curry powder, I added some pineapple and squeezed a lemon in it. That extra acidity was pretty tangy! 🍋

Also did a leek n’ beans stir-fry!


Lastly, inspired by that danish from Tart Bakery yesterday, I made a “Pineapple-Apple danish” with ciabatta as the base.🍎🍍🍞

Oh and that Apple was picked on my way to school today! #urbanforaging


It was so yellow I thought it might’ve been a pear! 🍐

#jahnskitchen #homecooking #kitchenadventures #kitchenexperiments #hildegardmedicine #speltdiet

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