W4D6 – Power + Met Con

Power workout (Reps in brackets)

Bodyweight Muscle ups (3,3,3 tries, not all successful)

X/Clap push-ups (20 inclined,10,10 flat)

Barbell thrusters 30kg (6,6,6)

Dead lifts 60kg (6,6,6)

2-3 minutes rest between sets

Barbell Complex Met Con Workout

30kg x 5 reps of:


Bent over Rows

Front squats


Calf raisers


3 sets, no rest.

Reflection: Utterly destroyed by Jack aka The Fitness Extremist plus, he did the exact same workout as me but with heavier weights and higher reps for bodyweight exercises. This guy is a BEAST and has a healthy interest in coming up with interesting workout programs. 😈 Feel free to engage his services if you ever need some inspiration with workout designs.

First time doing a successful Muscle Up since returning from injury and AS. Had to swing a lot but still, really stoked and looking forward to including this in my workouts going forward. Didn’t try another max pull-ups set today because my biceps are still complaining from the workout 4 days ago. Also, still learning the deadlift and thrusters and having an experienced training partner like Jack around made a world of difference!

Photo credits: Cindy Ong, NTU Canoeing Female Captain

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