3-Day Water Fast VS 4-Day Bone Broth Fast

3-Day Water Fast: 19th, 20th, 21st Dec

4-Day Bone Broth Fast: 23rd, 24th, 25th & 26th Dec

This post is a comparison between 2 different fasts I did over the course of the past 2 weeks. A water fast means not consuming anything but water while a Bone Broth fast means drinking Bone Broth instead of eating meals and also drinking lots of water. 


I don’t have any blood tests to prove this so I’m going by how I feel. When my body is very inflamed, I get extreme aches in my joints. There is redness and swelling at old injury sites and my movements become very slow and painful. As if there were spikes rubbing against the places of injury.

Both fasts seem to achieve the same results. After 1 day, the inflammation in my body goes down significantly. By day 3 it feels like its 90% gone!

However a pattern I’ve noticed is that the inflammation seems to stay away longer for the water-only fast. An average of 4 days before my symptoms of Autoimmune Disease started returning.

The same could not be said about the Bone-Broth Fast though. I felt intense aches the very same night I broke fast and ate a big meal. Getting up to go to the restroom was extremely ardious and took me literally minutes. I immediately switched to a water fast the next day and that night, had no aches whatsoever.


Water – On a traditional water-fast, one’s energy levels tend to be very low by the second and third day because the body is learning to switch fuel sources (from carbohydrates to stored fats). By the 4th, one should start to feel much more energetic as one’s metabolism actually increases by 10% to burn fats more efficiently. However for me, by the morning of the 3rd day, I was feeling very energetic already! I think its because I’ve been following a low-carb diet for almost 2 years now thus my body adjust quicker.

Bone Broth – Energy levels remain pretty stable throughout the Bone-Broth Fast. I guess its because the bone broth provided a steady supply of energy, mostly from fats although I tend to add a tablespoon of coconut oil which is about 60% Medium Chain Triglycerides. These bypass the liver and are metabolised as quickly as carbohydrates and thus give an almost immediate boost in energy.

Hunger / Satiety

Water – Surprisingly, I did not feel hungry at all throughout the 3-Day water fast. Sure there were times when I felt very low in energy but was different from feeling hungry. There was no rumbling in my tummy or intense craving to eat something. I regularly hydrating myself helped in this aspect.

Bone Broth – The same could not be said about the bone broth fast though. The broth really gives one a feeling of satiety and satisfaction. Something like the feeling of drinking a nice, hot bowl of chicken soup on a rainy day when you’re ill. However this feeling of satiety might have backfired because I would start to feel a hunger (or maybe its a craving), if I went too long without drinking it – like after a night’s rest.


For disease modification purposes, the Water-Fast is the most effective with the ability to delay a return of symptoms much longer than the bone broth fast.

However if you are new to fasting and would like to give it a try for weight-loss or gut healing purposes, the Bone-Broth Fast is a great option and still reaps the full benefits of fasting as long as you do not consume any carbohydrates or proteins with the broth.

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6 thoughts on “3-Day Water Fast VS 4-Day Bone Broth Fast

  1. This is one good article I stumbled on. Thanks for providing an insight on water and bone broth’s differences when used in fasting. I’ve been drinking this organic broth, Au Bon Broth to lose weight and I should say it doesn’t feel like I’m starving myself. It actually made me more energetic and lighter.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes the main difference is because you are “starving” your body on a water fast which can be a little stressful for it whereas on a broth/juice fast, you are still providing important nutrients your body needs to heal and repair while sparing your digestion. All the best!


  2. Hi Jahn!
    Great Blog!! Many interesting topics.

    Question…What did you do between your 3 day water fast and the 4 day broth fast?
    I’m ending my 3 day fast tonight and was going to do broth next…do you suggest going right into it or how did you break your water fast?
    I’m doing it mostly for weight loss reasons but also increased energy and digestive help.


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Rex, it was so long ago I’m not too sure what I did but I think going straight into it is a good idea as the broth will really nourish and heal your GI tract and provide nutrients like amino acids and collagen for rebuilding tissue like skin, joints, hair, nails etc!


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