Horizontal Push-Pull Couplet

Been extremely busy the past few days and had no time to upload a video of 22 pushups daily. Consequently, I decided to finish the last 13 Days of my #22PushupsChallenge in a WOD. WOD For Time: Pushups & Inclined Pullups Completed on: 5th Aug 2016, 730pm. 13 sets - 286 Reps each Time: 35 … Continue reading Horizontal Push-Pull Couplet


“Burpee Murph”

Done on 16th July 2016 100 Burpees (4:59) 100 Pullups 200 Push-ups 300 Squats 100 Burpees Time: ~36mins https://www.instagram.com/p/BH8m926BaxB/?taken-by=johntfs