Tastiest Couscous Ever and Developing a Vegan Palate?

Best bowl of spelt couscous made so far! πŸ‘ŒπŸ»Using the curry to cook the couscous made it tasty as! 😊 Curry eventually turned red from the beetroot πŸ˜‚ Also cracked open a can of sustainably fished wild sardines just to finish what I bought. But it seems the longer I stay off meat, the more … Continue reading Tastiest Couscous Ever and Developing a Vegan Palate?


A Simple 2 min Salad!

  This simple salad literally took me 2 mins to prepare! And I learnt that hummus makes such tasty salad dressings! πŸ₯—πŸ˜‹ 1. Pre-cut and washed coleslaw 2. Two kinds of hummus from the farmer’s market 3. Some lemons and herbs #2minsalad #homecookingmadeeasy #noexcuses (Instagram repost)

Simple Packed Lunch Strategy!

Day 50 of the elimination phase of the AIP! Since starting this diet, I've cooked almost every single lunch and packed it to school or wherever I had to go. It's not easy getting up at 5am to cook but I've definitely learned to be more efficient and make delicious packed meals fast! Here's an … Continue reading Simple Packed Lunch Strategy!

Simple Steamed Dinner!

Sometimes, simple is best!😁 🐟🍀🍲 Tonight's Dinner: Steamed kampong fish with curry leaves, turmeric, ginger, prawns, onion and garlic Lots of veggies Tablespoon of Fasskraut