Homework-turned-blogpost: Unreliable Scientific Data

"Another interesting video about how we have been misled to believe that Fats are bad for us. How distinguished scientists cherry pick their data to support their own hypotheses. How the media, politics, marketing and institutions all played a role in promoting their own agendas centered about profit and funding. How nutritional scientists jumped on … Continue reading Homework-turned-blogpost: Unreliable Scientific Data


Journal article Of The Day (JOTD)

Source: Kinesiology Review Title: Periodization Training from Ancient Precursors to Structured Block Models Author:┬áVladimir B. Issurin (Wingate Institute for Physical Education and Sport, Israel) This review article provided a short historical overview of the history of periodization. It turns out that the idea of periodization training for elite athletic performance has been around for thousands … Continue reading Journal article Of The Day (JOTD)

Scientific Strength

Scientific Strength is an innovative podcast that deconstructs the science of strength training, as well as health and fitness research. Learn how to improve training and performance with cutting edge research in the area of strength, health, fitness, and peak performance for today's athlete, coach, and the intelligent fitness enthusiast. Brought to you by Scott … Continue reading Scientific Strength