What is Normal Eating?

Do you think you have a 'Normal' eating pattern? Take a look at this diagram detailing various eating patterns from our lecture today on Nutrition and Mental Health. Really food for thought eh? I must admit, after trying so many diets and multiple bouts of fasting over the past years, I think I have a … Continue reading What is Normal Eating?


On Death

A recent friend’s passing left my heart in shock at its total unexpectedness and untimely timing. Reflecting and learning, I can only say that we have to keep death in perspective, every hour of every day. To live our lives more lovingly, spread joy and positivity, pursue passions and dreams and leave this world a … Continue reading On Death

To My Mother Dearest

Poem: Return to Nature

From nature you came To nature you go Stay in touch Never let go Let her touch you Let her heal you Let her guide you Never let go Always around you In and outside you She surrounds you Watching over you Waiting to support you Waiting to embrace you Waiting to love you Waiting for … Continue reading Poem: Return to Nature

My “Stages of Prayer” and Another Divine-Inspired Prayer/Poem

20th Dec 2017 This morning I woke up at 438am even though I slept at 1130pm. After some stretching and mobility exercises, I tried to get some productive writing done but my thoughts seemed to be all over the place. Like they were darting from one thought to another and not really settling down on … Continue reading My “Stages of Prayer” and Another Divine-Inspired Prayer/Poem

Spirituality: Composing Prayers/Poems Because I Could Not Sleep!

For the past couple of weeks, I've been experiencing a slow but steady build up of spiritual fervour. I'm not sure if fervour is the right word... maybe zeal? Ardour? But definitely somewhere along those lines. This comes from recent experiences that have reinforced and strengthened my faith. Now, more than ever, I truly, firmly, … Continue reading Spirituality: Composing Prayers/Poems Because I Could Not Sleep!