Reflecting on the past 24 years

Birthday letter from mum Exactly 24 years ago, I came into existence. I still don't know if I'm living in the Matrix or if all this is some sort of scientific experiment on my consciousness by some hidden higher power but it sure seems pretty real to me. When I was a kid, I was heavily … Continue reading Reflecting on the past 24 years


W4D4- Anaerobic 

Swimming 20 x 50m sprint. Rest as long as I took to sprint the lap so 100% rest. Alternate between freestyle and breaststroke Highest HR measured: 192 Reflection:¬†Initially planned to do 30 but my system felt tired to begin with. Then I was having second thoughts after 10 laps because my energy was almost drained. … Continue reading W4D4- Anaerobic¬†