Stewed Apples for GUT/IMMUNE Health

Its amazing how a simple and delicious dish like this can address the root cause of so many diseases today.

Sauerkraut for Gut & Immune Health

Making my first batch of sauerkraut since being back in Sg! What makes fermented cabbage so good for our health? Cabbage is high in glutamine - a conditionally essential amino acid which is an important fuel source for cells in our immune and gastrointestinal system. Glutamine supports normal growth and development of intestinal cells and … Continue reading Sauerkraut for Gut & Immune Health


NMHNZ Conference 2019 – Takeaways

Last weekend, I attended the annual Naturopaths and Medical Herbalists of New Zealand (NMHNZ) conference. This year, the theme was Enhancing Immunity: Mind, Body & Naturopathy. It was held in Wellington which also gave me a good excuse to travel out of Auckland and see Wellington! ūüėč Here are some of my main takeaways summarized … Continue reading NMHNZ Conference 2019 – Takeaways

My Story (June 2017)

Story of my autoimmune battles the last 6 months. Not giving up on this war!

GUT HEALING Apple Stew Recipe + Benefits of Eating Apples!

I stumbled upon this recipe when I watched this video¬†titled, "Restoring Gut Health After Antibiotic Use". In it Dr.Tom O'Bryan explains how the good old Apple Stew or Apple Sauce (as they call it in the US) has great¬†potential for healing leaky gut and feeding the good bacteria in our intestinal microbiome. It sounded easy … Continue reading GUT HEALING Apple Stew Recipe + Benefits of Eating Apples!

Lessons from a Nutritionist (Part 1)

Last month, taking the advice from a friend,¬†I sought the professional advice of Healthystars' Nutritionist John Lynn.¬†I had a flare up¬†of my arthritis related autoimmune disease in January and this caused severe¬†pain in my feet, left knee, hip and spine. By April, the pain was¬†getting progressively worse to the point where I was limping with … Continue reading Lessons from a Nutritionist (Part 1)