Calendula Officinalis Full Monograph

This is a calendula flower I managed to grow in my office (despite it being a western herb never found in Singapore) How do you feel when you look at this flower? To me it's as if the sun's rays have entered my soul  Calendula officinalis is classified under herbs that clear toxic heat and … Continue reading Calendula Officinalis Full Monograph


Herbal Tea Eye Bath

Recently I've been teaching some clients how to make full use of their herbal teas by using an Eye Bath cup! (video below) Certain teas like Calendula, Fennel & Chamomile are excellent for washing your eyes and strengthening your vision. Besides eye baths, I have also made customized herbal eye sprays to relieve tired eyes, … Continue reading Herbal Tea Eye Bath


I remember these used to grow wildly everywhere in New Zealand. I would pick the flowers fresh to make teas to drink daily! #PhytotherapyMonth2022 #HerboftheDay "Calendula is one of the most famous European and American traditional medicines. Calendula is often associated with topical wound healing. Traditionally, it is a spring tonic and is used to … Continue reading Calendula