Training Methods: Modifying Holds for Reps 

Accidentally discovered a new method of training for the back lever while playing around with my warm up today! Before this I was training with mostly eccentric lowering and trying to hold the various lever progressions (straddle/tuck) for as long as I could. This morning I tried reps for fun and realised it's a good … Continue reading Training Methods: Modifying Holds for Reps 


Achieving My 1st Back Lever!

That right there MY FIRST BACK LEVER!!! EVER! 💪🏻 (Okay it's just 1-2 seconds but before this I could only lower myself with my legs apart, couldn't keep them straight and together 😁) What did I do to get here? Frankly, it's only been 7 weeks since I've been well enough to exercise again and this … Continue reading Achieving My 1st Back Lever!