Ginger root

Did you know that the common household culinary Ginger is an excellent warming remedy in all 3 of the world’s classic medical systems?  (TCM, TGM & Ayurveda) Photo by Engin Akyurt on Ginger Tea (decoction) Slice 1-3 g of fresh ginger root (about a thumb size) or use 3-10 g (dried root) With the … Continue reading Ginger root


Stewed Apples for GUT/IMMUNE Health

Its amazing how a simple and delicious dish like this can address the root cause of so many diseases today.

Beetroot Salad for Liver and Gallbladder Health

Within health food circles, beets are said to be great for liver and gallbladder health right? I was curious why and found my answer while reading an old article from the Weston A Price Foundation. [1] In it, there was also a recipe for a beetroot salad. But spending almost an hour shredding these was … Continue reading Beetroot Salad for Liver and Gallbladder Health