Spelt – the best grain!

SPELT – The best grain we recommend for a hot, hearty breakfast bowl! 😋

“Spelt is the best grain, warming, lubricating, and of high nutritional value. It is better tolerated by the body than any other grains. Spelt provides its consumer with good flesh and good blood and confers a cheerful disposition. It provides a happy mind and joyful spirit. No matter hw you eat spelt, either as bread r in other foods, it is good and easy to digest” – St Hildegard of Bingen (Throop, 1998, p.13)

Read more about it in the images from Dr Sebastian’s first book Leaf to Life

I have written more about Spelt here too: https://jtnaturopathy.com/2021/05/23/spelt-pancakes-and-the-wonders-of-this-ancient-grain/

Peace & Health


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