CASE: Iron deficiency anaemia

A client surprised me yesterday when she experienced great improvements after just 1 dose of our Blood-building herb blend!

Because of iron-deficiency she has been feeling light-headed (“like floating around”), cold hands/feet, and a heavy sinking feeling in her chest.

Her blood tests confirmed iron-deficiency anaemia and deformed red blood cells because of this.

She even did a blood test the next day and confirmed that her iron went up! (stunning her colleagues who work in the healthcare field as it normally takes weeks to go up, not days)

She has tried normal iron pills for months and it did not make much difference to her iron results. Even gave her digestive issues.

I am very happy for her to have found #Phytotherapy 😁

(turns out she is a plant lover too and maybe thats why the herbs work so well on her 😜)

We have had many success cases with iron-deficiency anaemia. For appointments, you may contact me on WhatsApp at +65 8820 7661 or make an appointment here

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Peace and health,

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