Treat the Cause

What sets Naturopathy apart from conventional medicine?

Treating the root causes of illness is a philosophy of Naturopathic Medicine (tolle causam) that drew me to study and make this my profession.

When stricken with a debilitating autoimmune disorder, I kept posing these questions to my specialist (Rheumatologist):

“What is the cause of this and how can you help me treat it?”

To which he never had a satisfying answer.

Having personally healed from an ‘incurable disease’ through natural therapies, I now firmly believe that the answers are out there if you are willing to search for it.

Not putting down conventional medicine in any way. It is fantastic for saving lives such as surgeries after accidents and effective symptomatic treatments such as the pain-killers, steroids and immunosuppressants I was on.

However conventional medicine has its shortcomings in treating chronic illnesses.

That’s where complimentary medicine like Naturopathy & Herbal Medicine can add much value to – if only conventional doctors were open-minded enough to accept the unconventional.


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