Earthing Summarized

What is Earthing?

Earthing simply means having direct or indirect connection with the Earth’s surface (skin contact).

For millennia, all living things have had this connection.

Only recently did we start wearing rubber shoes which insolated us from the Earth’s electrically conductive surface.

Why do Earthing?

The Earth’s surface is abundant with negatively charged free-electrons (-ve ions). These come from lightning that strikes the ground.

As theses electrons enter us, they neutralize positive charges such as free radicals which are often associated with inflammation, aging and pain.

Our electrical potential also equalizes with the Earth’s.

These electrons also power our cells (electron transport chain in the mitochondria) which helps them function better and age slower.

Earthing Benefits?

Earthing can:

  • reduce inflammation and pain (often rapidly)
  • improve healing from all diseases/conditions
  • normalize biological (circadian) rhythms
  • improve sleep
  • increases energy
  • lowers stress
  • reduce/eliminates jetlag
  • protects against electromagnetic radiation (EMFs)
  • improves recovery from athletic events

How to do Earthing?

Very simple:

  • walk barefoot on the grass, sand, soil or wet beach
  • touch a tree or metal post connected to the ground
  • swim in oceans, rivers or lakes (water is the best conductor)
  • wear conductive footwear like EarthRunners
  • start with 5 mins per day
  • ideally accumulate at least 30 mins per day spread throughout your day

best surface?

Due to the nature of electrons, anything that conducts electricity well is the best.

  • wet dew-laden grass in the morning
  • wet sand at the beach
  • swimming in grounded water bodies (oceans, lakes, rivers)
  • touching plants or trees rooted in the ground
  • wearing conductive footwear or using grounding pads/earthing bed sheets indoors (you can buy these online)


EarthRunners are these cool minimalist sandals that let you connect with the Earth without having to dirty your feet or risk getting poked by something.

This is because of the copper ground plug at the bottom and the stainless steel bottom thread of the laces touching your skin. (more info here)

Each sandal is handmade, has amazing grip, feel and comfort and is ultra durable (I have worn them to run Spartan races!)

Each pair lasts me years!

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