How to Make Wiser Food Choices?

“Will this do more harm than good?”

That’s a question to ask yourself.

As someone who has recovered from an “incurable” condition, my body is still quite fragile.

Easily “broken” again might be another way to put it.

I have learnt this the hard way many times over with my food choices.

Take this once-a-week Japanese bento meal I had last night for an example.

On the surface it looks healthy with a nice portion of greens and salmon.

However, when I woke up the next day with extra stiffness in my finger joints, I knew something in it had done me in.

The most obvious culprits were the sauces on the chicken and in the sesame dressing.

These are often laden with highly processed vegetable oils and chemical additives that create inflammation.

Although I don’t feel any pain, that stiffness is a sign of inflammation.

Over time, if this happens too often the body would not be able to recover and permanent damage to the joints happens.


I often find myself reflecting on this question:

“Is that momentary pleasure worth the damage that follows?”

“Was it really worth it?”

and in the future, I hope I am wise enough to ask myself the question:

“Will this do more harm than good?”

Stay well


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