Reversing Type 1 Diabetes, Cancer and Crohn’s through a Paleolithic Ketogenic Diet?!

Reversing Type 1 Diabetes, Cancer and Crohn’s through a Paleolithic Ketogenic Diet?!

These are some outrageous claims and surely require some outrages evidence, right?

I mean Type 1 diabetes is basically a disease that usually starts at childhood and sentences a child to a lifetime of insulin injections.

Crohn’s is a chronic inflammatory bowel disease that can be very debilitating and conventional medicine still has no cure for.

And we know all about Cancer…

So can dietary intervention really work such ‘miracles’???

Well it turns out a clinic in Hungary has already been doing just that and publishing their amazing results in journals.

The International Centre for Medical Nutritional Intervention (ICMNI) or Paleomedicina Hungary has been managing patients with all kinds of chronic diseases through a dietary intervention they have coined the “Paleolithic ketogenic diet”.

Since 2012, they have treated more than 4000 patients with diseases that range from all types of diabetes, cancers, autoimmune diseases, cardiovascular diseases, psychiatric and neurologic conditions.

In summary, they were initially using the paleolithic diet but found it ‘ineffective’ for the majority of chronic conditions. So they developed the “Paleolithic ketogenic diet” or PKD for short which is based on our real physiological needs.

For example:

“Eating fruits and vegetables does not form part of our physiological need but are associated with risks. Plant foods can only be regarded as “relatively” safe and only when certain plant food items are consumed and only in limited amounts. The diet was derived from clinical evidence and was not primarily influenced by archeological or ethnographic evidence, given that the application of the diet is clinical too.”

The same can be said about carbohydrates which mostly comes from plants like grains and starches. We truly have no real physiological need for it as our livers can produce glucose through gluconeogenesis. And many modern diseases are driven by our consumption of highly refined carbohydrates, especially in processed foods.

 So, what’s left to eat on the “Paleolithic ketogenic diet”??

Meat, fats, salt and water. (and an option to include some “Paleolithic” fruits and vegetables)

Of course, there are a lot more details than this such as the need to incorporate organ meats like liver and kidneys for micronutrients like vitamins and minerals. Fats for energy and fat-soluble vitamins. Salt is the basis of flavouring and a good, quality source of water is definitely encouraged. There is also an optimal protein to fats ratio of 1:2 (not to be confused by weight of meat to weight of fats) and several nuances like dairy and eggs.


I also like how the clinic works with conventional medicine’s approach like chemotherapy but ultimately aims to reduce and/or eliminate the need for medications and supplements. Truly it goes to show that a good diet does not require any supplementation.

With the elimination of almost every food that causes disease known to modern man, it is really no wonder how a diet like the PKD or a nose-to-tail carnivore diet can be so healing today.  

This is the podcast where I first heard about this. As you can see from my previous post, I really dig the Fundamental Health podcast by Dr. Paul Saladino (Apple, Android). He has a wealth of medical knowledge, excellent interviewing skills, provides great summaries and does a great job at explaining complicated scientific concepts for both geeks and normal dudes alike. I also enjoy his humour, personality and drive to question pre-existing assumptions about what we know today.

There is definitely a bias towards a nose-to-tail Carnivore Diet but that is understandable given the myriad of health benefits and you will find out why after listening to a few episodes. Highly recommended. 👍

I hope this information has been useful to you. Do keep an open mind and question your assumptions and believes. There is yet so much we don’t know. Yet so much to learn.

Stay Natural
Jahn Tang


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