An Epidemic of Convenience and Spelt as the Most Healing Grain!


Josh: “Got any spare?”

Me: “Of course!” (Actually I just always cook extra to eat over the next few days 😆)

Josh: “That’s the healthiest meal I’ve had in a LONG time!”

I could only smile and say it’s my pleasure. 😕

I wanted to say more but didn’t know if it was my place or what I should even say.

Since arriving in NZ, I’ve noticed that almost all my flatmates survive on convenience food.

Stuff like microwaveable packet meals, pastries or quick cook noodles.

Rarely do I see anyone cooking real food that actually looks like it came out of a garden rather than a box from a factory!

😔 I can’t help but sigh when I think of all the unnecessary suffering people go through when they aren’t aware of the dangers of ‘convenience’ that laziness and lack of nutritional education brings about.

Many chronic degenerative diseases and even birth problems like autism have been attributed to chemicals and additives in these processed “foods”. All of which are preventable to a certain degree by switching to good ol’ old fashion cooking with real ingredients!

– on a brighter note –

‘Twas nice to finally get to cook for someone other than me for a change!

Tonight’s dinner:

  1. Spelt pasta
  2. Base: coconut cream, miso
  3. Everything else all thrown into the pot at different intervals so as not to overcook: tomatoes, onions, leek, brussel sprouts, celery, kale, fennel, plums, more kale 😂
  4. To top off: Soft-boiled eggs, feta cheese, coriander, garlic-ginger herb spread, capers and cucumbers

(It may seem like a lot but really everything was done in a pot!)


#realfoodheals #processedfoodkills



(Instagram repost)

P.s. I’ve been eating a lot of spelt products like pasta, whole grains, cereal and sourdough. This is part of my healing protocol from my Naturopath and Medical Herbalist, Doctor Sebastien Liew. He practices St. Hildegard medicine and according to her visions from God, Spelt is the best grain to consume.

“Hildegard admires spelt over every other grain, writing: Spelt is the best grain; it is warming, fattening, strengthening, has a high quality, and is milder than any other grain. Spelt produces firm flesh and good blood, provides a happy mind and a joyful spirit. No matter how you eat spelt, either as a bread or in other foods, it is good and easy to digest.”

Interestingly, spelt contains gluten – something most holistic doctors and the internet will tell anyone with an autoimmune disorder like me to avoid. However, I get the opposite effects from spelt as compared to the increase in symptoms when I consume too much “improperly prepared” gluten like the yeast-baked breads in bakeries.

Spelt and St. Hildegard Medicine is definitely worth further research and something I am hoping to incorporate in my practice after graduation!


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