Gymnastics Rings: The Baby Muscle Up!

Many of us struggle with Muscle Up progressions, especially on the rings. Sure with a bar you can swing your way up over the bar but with rings, it’s not as easy to ‘kip’ while maintaining the false grip.


I learned this during phase 2 of the Gold Medal Bodies Rings 1 program and thought this is an awesome regression for the actual Muscle Up. Who would’ve thought that all we needed to do was ‘bring the ground up’ to make it so much easier to learn. So I thought I’d write a post to share.


  1. The Baby Muscle Up allows you to use your legs to take some of the weight off, thereby assisting you in learning the mechanics of the movement.
  2. It also allows for progression at your own pace. Simply raise the rings higher as you get better!


  1. Set up the rings at chest height or lower – the higher you fix them, the harder it gets
  2. Assume a false grip hang below the rings with your feet out in front of you – as if you were about to do a inverted row
  3. Pull the rings towards you
    – keep them as CLOSE to your body (chest and armpit region)
  4. Use your feet to help you transition into the dip position
  5. From here, you may use your feet again to push yourself up
  6. As you get stronger and more familiar, try lowering back to the starting position without your feet touching the floor (like the last reps I did in the video)



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