Progressing to Level B on the GMBFitness Rings 1 Program!

After three weeks on Level A of the Rings 1 program from Gold Medal Bodies Fitness, I’ve decided to restart the program with Level B.

πŸ’ͺ🏻#levelup! 😁

From today’s training log:

GMB R1 – W1D3, Below the Rings (Level B)


  1. Burpees
  2. Handstand Holds
  3. Back to Front Levers Attempts
  4. Ground Rows


1A) Inverted Row (Tuck)
1B) Squat Jumps

2A) Inverted Tuck Row Chin-Ups
2B Reverse Lunge

3A) Chin-Ups
3B) Side Lunge Switches

CD: Yoga Stretch

⭕️Don’t you just love the feeling of seeing concrete progress – like the reps/weight increasing with every week in your training log? πŸ“

Also, I’ve forgotten how good it feels to follow a dedicated program and slowly see and feel the difference in strength and ease of performing the movements.

You can do this too! In as simple as 3 steps:

  1. Start a exercise regime
  2. Be consistent and stick to it
  3. See and celebrate your progress!

#consistency #dedication #hardwork #discipline

To your strength,

My recommended Rings

(both of these are going at great discounts on Amazon now!)

  1. Emerge Gymnastics RingsΒ (wooden)
  2. Nayoya Gymnastics Rings (plastic PVC)

Gymnastics Rings Program I’m Currently Testing/Following

  1. Β Gold Medal Bodies Rings 1



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