Achieving My 1st Back Lever!

That right there MY FIRST BACK LEVER!!! EVER! 💪🏻
(Okay it’s just 1-2 seconds but before this I could only lower myself with my legs apart, couldn’t keep them straight and together 😁)

What did I do to get here?

Frankly, it’s only been 7 weeks since I’ve been well enough to exercise again and this is week 4 of getting back to Rings work. I still don’t feel as strong as I used to be but neurologically, I guess I’m still reaping the benefits of my previous training!

What I did in the past 7 weeks was a lot of bodyweight strength and conditioning thanks to the Gymnastics Bodies Foundation One and Handstand One program and the Gold Medal Bodies (GMB) Fitness Rings 1 program (started 3 weeks ago).

The foundation one included a hell lot of core conditioning, I guess that played a major part in being able to keep my legs straight.

Also, with regards to training methodology, I have not been training specifically for the back lever. Instead, before each Rings 1 session, I would try a few attempts at the Eccentric Back and Front Levers as a warm up (after thoroughly warming up of course). In fact, I think this was only the 3rd training day that I attempted this.

#celebrating #progress #nomatterhowsmall
#trainwithapurpose but #enjoy #training

Jahn Tang


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