Mobility Monday (Week 40)

AM Workout

Warmup: Burpees and KB Swings (10-15-20-25-30)

20 mins AMRAP of:

  1. Max Archer Push-ups to normal Push-ups
  2. Pistol Squat (Front back and lateral)
  3. Max Archer Ring Rows to normal Ring Rows
  4. Max L-Sit Holds

The instability and versatility of rings make them one of my favorite functional training equipment!

Here you can see how I use them to add another level of difficulty to archer push-ups.
They allow for an increase in range of motion and mobility, because I can go deeper during the lowest position. (See how low my chest reaches next to my wrist)

By keeping one arm straight, you also condition your elbow and shoulder joints, particularly your tendons.

The strength of our connective tissue is often neglected as people tend to focus more on building muscle when they think of strength and conditioning training.

Lastly the 3-dimensional aspect of the suspension system allows for training in all three planes simultaneously. Something that also targets all the supporting muscles besides the usual tricep and pectoral ones. This adds a more well-rounded and holistic aspect of conditioning to the push-up exercise.

Yours in strength,



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