A Lesson On Faith

Admittedly, these past few months have been very trying for me. Many times I’ve lost faith and hope and constantly questioned God. These paragraphs in this week’s Bulletin struck out to me and in a way was a good lesson on faith and peace.

“If you want answers to some of life’s questions, be at peace: God has a plan and he will give you the answers at just the right time. If you’d rather not hear God’s answers because you’re afraid of what he might say, also be at peace. God has courage and wisdom to help you; he will be with you every step of the way. 

Know that you can rely on your God, the Holy Trinity. Choose to put your trust in him. Ask him to give you his peace. And even if you don’t feel particularly peaceful, try your best to take heart. 

No matter how you feel, no matter what you are experiencing, you are wrapped in the love of the almighty God. Your father loves you and is watching over you. His son has laid down his life for you and opened heaven’s gate to you. And the holy spirit lives in your heart, constantly filling you with divine grace and power.” 


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