Training Log Week 20

“What we face may look insurmountable. But I learned something from all those years of training and competing. I learned something from all those sets and reps when I didn’t think I could lift another ounce of weight. What I learned is that we are always stronger than we know.”
Arnold Schwarzenegger

This week is the second week of a new workout plan I am developing focusing on an equal 1:1 work to rest day ratio. Seems to be working quite well. I don’t damage my muscles so badly because I cater 1 day of active rest between workouts and I have much more energy and motivation to train on workout days. This minimized injury and maximizes recovery. Will continue to monitor for the next few weeks.


Readiness to train

  • HRV: 78(0)
  • Sleep: 8hrs
  • Quality: 10/10

5pm – Self Myofascial Release 

  • Whole body
  • Eq used: Battlestar + baseball


Readiness to train

  • HRV: 72(-6)
  • Sleep: 6hrs (1030-430)
  • Quality: 8/10
  • Notes: had a 2 HR nap in the afternoon yesterday. So I had difficulty falling asleep and from roughly 3+am onwards, I had difficulty staying asleep. So I woke up earlier to get some meditation and work done.

430 – Strength


  1. Max Muscle ups transit to max pull-ups without dropping
  2. Handstand push-ups, inclined TRX rows
  3. Double hand Kettlebell swing (23kg)
  4. DB atlas carry simulation 125lb
  5. Medicine ball single arm shoulder press throw 15lbs
  6. KB snatch 16kg
  7. Herculean hoist simulation with cable machine 85 units
  8. 8. Hanging wipers (core)
  9. 9. Dips


5pm – Yoga 

  • Time: ~30mins
  • some extra SMR
  • Notes: still aching bad from sunday’s long run. May need up to 5 days to allow my body to recover sufficiently.


Readiness to train

  • HRV:87(+15)
  • Sleep: 9 (1030-730)
  • Quality:9/10
  • Notes: highest HRV recorded to date!

5pm – lactate threshold workout 

  • Run time: 60mins
  • Incline: Max (15%)
  • Total Time: 65
  • Distance 3.59miles
  • Distance climbed: 2660 feet
  • Average speed: 3.32 mph
  • Average pace: 18:04 / mile
  • Average HR: 162 (~80%)
  • Notes: watched YouTube videos and the time flew by like magic! Usually I set the speed at 3.5 and try to increase by 0.1 if I can hold it at 80% of Max HR. My HR was at 175 on average and this was ~85%, not my target HR. This time I set it much lower at 3.2 and only raised it when I felt I could. Managed to keep HR at 160+ which is good. So start slow. Eventually I’ll make it to 3.5mph and eventually even faster.


Readiness to train

  • HRV:72(-15)
  • Sleep: 7 (0000-0700)
  • Quality:10/10
  • Notes: As expected, drastic drop in HRV after yesterday’s lactate threshold workout. Long aerobic workouts really stress our systems.

0730: AM Workout 


  • Front, side, back planks
  • Sandbag carry up the hill and back home
  • Calisthenics
  • Burpee broad jumps
  • Pull-ups to failure
  • Single arm pull-ups attempts
  • Towel grip pull-ups


  • Spear throws
  • Weapons practice with metal bar


Readiness to train

  • HRV: 78(+6)
  • Sleep: 7hrs (0000-0700)
  • Quality:10/10

220pm – strength


  1. Bear crawls, crab walk
  2. Push-ups close, med, wide grip – 10,8,6
  3. Vertical jumps 6
  4. Max muscle ups to Max chin ups 5-14
  5. Max sbj 5 squares
  6. Max continuous sbj 10
  7. Max single leg calf raiser jumps 24ea
  8. Wipers 10, leg lifts 11
  9. TRX reclined rows 9
  10. Medicine ball Shoulder press throws – 12R 15L
  11. Dips 17
  12. Monkey bars

Main set: 

Supersets of 

  1. Herculean hoist (82.5+1.5 units, 6 reps) Double log Drags (20lbs, back forth hold ends)
  2. Cable row to twist high punch (22.5 units, 10-8-8)
  3. Battle ropes: DB hand front, diagonal, alterbate hand side, front x3
  4. Vampire sit-ups 10-10-5, Front levers 5-6-4
  5. DB atlas carry simulation 100lbs, Handstand push-ups 5-3-3
  6. Cable pull (100lbs) 6-6-6 DB lunges to calf raisers (32.5lbs) 10lunge, 12 raisers


Readiness to train

  • HRV: 85(+7)
  • Sleep: 8.5hrs (1030-645)
  • Quality:10/10

5pm – yoga 

  • 30mins

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