Enduring Endurance!

“If you always put limit on everything you do, physical or anything else. It will spread into your work and into your life. There are no limits. There are only plateaus, and you must not stay there, you must go beyond them.”
– Bruce Lee

W11D5 – Kettlebell Friday

7am – Trail Run 

Distance: 3.4Miles
Time: 45mins
Notes: easy run after 5 days of rest to let my plantar fascia heal up.

430pm – SFG Kettlebell Level 1 Practice 

AMRAP, minimal rest between exercises, water break after a set.

  1. Single-arm Swing (40lb)
  2. Getup (20lb)
  3. Double KB clean (30lb)
  4. Double KB press (30lb)
  5. Double KB squat (30lb)
  6. Single-arm snatch (30lb)

Notes: first time practicing all these moves. Took my time to learn but will incorporate these in a metcon next time.

HRV: 84(-2)
Sleep: 4hrs
Quality: 10/10

W11D6 – Aerobic Saturday

745am – Cycle

Distance: 20miles
Time: 2hrs
Notes: Did it fasted. Pretty awesome experience. Some extra calisthenics thereafter when I passed a playground.

5pm – Cycle again!

Distance: 5 Miles
Time: 30mins
Notes: cycled to and from church.


730am – Trail run 

Distance: 8.3 Miles
Time: 2hrs
Notes: first time running to Dreamy Draw Park. Ran fasted and only brought water tho. Started to get hungry after 5 miles. Will bring some bar or gel next time.

6pm – Sandbag Complex

4 Sets, AMRAP, rest minimally only at the end of a set.

  1. Rotational Lunge + Clean
  2. Deep Squat + Press
  3. Single-leg Romanian Dead Lift + Rows
  4. Side Lunge with Shouldered Sandbag
  5. Alternate Sandbag Shoulder Toss backwards
  6. Under-leg Explosive Drags
  7. Burpees

Notes: Got inspiration from these videos!

HRV: 84(0)
Sleep: 7.5hrs
Quality: 10/10


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