Active Rest – Jacuzzi and Sauna

9/11 – God bless all souls and families struck by that tragedy. May we never forget the horrors humanity is capable of, nor the bravery and selfless dedication of those who stay ever vigilant at the front lines.

W11D4 – Active Rest

9am – Morning Swim + Jacuzzi

Notes: Was feeling pretty tired and aching everywhere so I decided to go for a 20 mins easy swim followed by 15 mins of relaxation in the Jacuzzi.

5pm – Yoga in the Sauna

Time: 30mins
Notes: The mind was willing but the body was complaining… Thus I went for a low impact yoga workout in the Sauna. Actually, it felt quite demanding on the¬†cardiovascular system because I could feel my heart pumping much faster than normal as my body tried to shunt blood to the surface of the skin in a futile attempt to cool off. Sauna’s are good for detoxing too because the largest detoxing avenue in our body is also the largest organ we have – our skin! However, even then, there are ways to biohack your Sauna experience. Here is a recent article I read about this!

HRV: 86(+2)
Sleep: 6hrs
Quality: 10/10


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