DisneyLand, California Adventure and LA County Fair Travel Workouts

W10D5 – Active Rest 

Greasing the Groove
Location: Disneyland
– Done throughout the day, 1 set a time for max reps (not to extreme failure)
– Whenever I felt like it or found a bar or similar equipment
– Yes, that includes doing dips while waiting in line for a ride 😉

  1. Dips
  2. Pullups
  3. Front Levers
  4. Reclined Rows
  5. Calf Raisers

Notes: Did not do much leg work like squats or lunges because there was so much walking done already!

HRV: 93(+9)
Sleep: 8 (3 hrs in the car, 0230-0730)
Quality: 10/10

Notes: Last night we spent the entire evening driving from Phoenix to LA. This was also the highest HRV recorded!!! I wonder what caused this change… +9 is significantly large!

I was certainly not expecting this because I did a really intensive workout yesterday- a barbell complex that got me sweating far more than usual for weightlifting in an air-conditioned gym. Almost comparable to a lactate threshold cardio workout! Furthermore, my muscles have been sore and aching for a few days. Lastly, I was exhausted by the end of the drive and not feeling too good having been cramped in a sitting position for 6 hours.

After giving it some thought, I have come up with some possible causes for the unusually high increase:

– forgot to wear Superhuman Encoder Band last night to sleep

– slept longer than usual although the sleep was dispersed because of the traveling

– the high intensity barbell complex played a role

– the temperature in LA is much lower than Phoenix

– the motel room was much quieter than my room and also pitch black

– had a good long hot shower just before sleeping

– fasted from lunch at noon to 2AM because I did not want to spill food in the car.

W10D6 – Motel Training

OCR Sandbag Workout

AMRAPS (As Many Reps As Possible)
Minimal Rest Between Sets or Reps
Warmup – Find sand to fill bag

1. Rotational Lunge Clean
2. Alternate Shoulder press with swing
3. Bent over row (various grips)
4. Lying Shoulder-to-shoulder press (legs off the ground)
5. Bear Crawls (front, back, lateral)
6. 3 Stairs box jumps

Here’s a video of this workout!

HRV: 82(-11)
Sleep: 5hrs
Quality: 10/10

W10D7 – Motel Workout Day 2


Warmup: find a field/trail nearby to run

  1. 4 x 4mins Sprint (Focus on form)
  2. Running drills
    – quick feet
    – High Knees
    – Leap and Bounds
    – Lateral twists
    – Side steps
    – Backwards running
  3. Sandbag workout
    – no rep limits
    – no rests, do until you feel good 😉
    – rotational lunges
    – cleans and press
    – bent-over rows (mix grips)
    – alternate shoulder presses
    – sandbag carries (Luggage carry, Log carry, Bear hug & Bucket Carries_)

HRV: 84(+2)
Sleep: 6.5hrs
Quality: 10/10



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