W10D2 – Spartan Kettlebell Workout

“Don’t measure yourself up against others. Measure yourself against your yesterday.” – John Tang (yup, came up with a quote 🙂

5PM – Spartan Kettlebell Workout

16kg Kettlebell

3 Circuits AMRAP, no rest

  1. 2-Arm Swing-Catch and Squat
  2. Clean & Press (Left)
  3. 2-Arm Swing-Catch and Squat
  4. Clean & Press (Right)
  5. 1-Arm Swing (Left)
  6. 1-Arm Swing (Right)
  7. Switch to 9kg
  8. Turkish Getup (Left)
  9. Turkish Getup (Right)
  10. Windmill (Left)
  11. Windmill (Right)

Notes: Learnt a few new Kettlebell movements like the Clean & Press, swing-catch-squat and windmill. Absolutely love kettlebells! Can feel my low back pain/tightness decreasing substantially since I started practicing kettlebells! I attribute it to the extensive strength and conditioning plus the dynamic shearing movements which conventional weights cannot achieve.

Here is the video from Funk Roberts’ YouTube channel. He has some great functional workouts!

HRV: 90(+14)

Sleep: 7hrs

Quality: 9/10


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