W7D5 – Strength Endurance

Hours of Sleep: 7.5 (2230 – 0600)

Sleep quality: 10/10

HRV: 76 (+8)

Notes: Slept so well that I didn’t wake up at all. Pretty sore all over this morning. Today shall be an easy day, tmr will be a rest day and Sunday I shall race. AROO! 

0700 – Endurance (Aerobic) 


Distance: 10+ Miles 

Notes: I’m adding the whole day’s cycling distance here. ASU campus is a HUGE place and I cycle all over during the day! Went to Tempe marketplace today too! 

15:30 – Endurance (Strength) 

4 Sets AMRAP, minimal rest: 

Single Arm Kettlebell swing 

Box jumps 

Loaded carries (~ 80m)

Ball slams 

Assisted Handstand presses

1 hour of SMR

20mins yoga style cooldown

Notes: I love this place! The Sun Devil Fitness Complex is just too amazing and well equipped! 

YouTube video of this workout coming soon! 

YouTube Channel: Injured NoMore

Twitter & instagram @injurednomore


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