W6D4 – Aerobic + Power Endurance 

Hours of Sleep: 3 (3:00-7:00)
Sleep quality: 6/10
HRV: 79
Notes: Tried sleeping at 00:00 but couldn’t. After an hour of frustration, I went about reading, doing some OSM and SMR and coming up with more ideas for the blog. I could have continued staying like this but at 2:30, I thought maybe it’s time I try to force myself to fall asleep so I lay down and tried to relax as best I could. It was hard but eventually I fell asleep. I slept very deeply but woke up at 7 feeling crappy, hence the 6/10. The same feeling you get when you’ve slept too much.

Is this the beginning of insomnia or just me optimizing my sleep so well that I no longer need the usual 8-9 hours to recover? Will continue keeping track and do some research in the meantime.


1. ManFlow Yoga Session 5
Time: 30′
Notes: Learnt 2 new yoga moves today!

2 new poses learnt!
2 new poses learnt!

Check out my Instagram @johntfs

2. SMR
Time: 20mins
Muscles Hit: Low back, groin, hip Flexors, bottom of feet
Notes: This is becoming a habit. I do this almost all the time throughout the day, even now while typing, I’m leaning on a baseball next to a wall and massaging my lower back. Like I said, your tissues need at least 3 months to fully heal and SMR speeds up the healing.


1. Cycling (14:00)

I know I look dorky... Better to save my head than my ego! The $60 helmet was free anyway.
I know I look dorky… Better to save my head than my ego! The $60 helmet was free anyway.

Distance: 6+ Miles
Time: ~1hour
Highest HR: Max (~200bpm)
The weather looked a little forgiving today so I decided to cycle to the nearest bike shop called TryMeBicycle to fix the bike. Just before leaving, the merciless Arizona ☀️ came out and man it was 🔥🔥🔥!

On the way back, the hill climb wasn’t very steep but the hill was probably 1mile long! So by the time I reached home, which also happened to be the steepest part of the hill, my legs were 🔥 and my HR was maxed! So I took advantage of the situation and did a max set of burpees and alternating side to side pull-ups. Man, I love the pump!

2. Power Endurance (18:30) 

Created my very own YouTube Channel! (Because I needed space on my phone…) This is the first video.

Sandbag weight: ~ 40 lb

1 Mile Sandbag Carry to the nearest park, Norton Park (Switch position every minute)

4 sets AMRAP of:
Muscle ups (6)
Clean and press (6)
Bench box jumps onto single leg (6/side)

1 Mile Sandbag Carry back home.

Notes: Most brutal power and enjoyable workout to date. The 1st mile took me 15′ and I could jog the whole way. On the way back after the exercises, my ⛽️tank was empty! Had to alternate btw walking and jogging. Substituted the last set of muscle ups with monkey bar pull-ups. Check out the video. I love these 🐵bars!

Substituted the last set of muscle ups with monkey bar pull-ups. Check out the video. I love these 🐵bars!
Those Muscle-Ups didn’t give this poor fellow a chance to mature into a big ol’ blister!

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