W6D3 – Aerobic + Strength Endurance

Hours of sleep: 2.5 (0030-0300)
Sleep quality: 9/10
HRV: 75
Reflection: Woke up at 3am again but this time I slept at 00:30am. Surprisingly, I was fully awake and refreshed, as if I’d slept a good 8 hours! Not sure what’s happening but I did not take an afternoon siesta yesterday either. Maybe my sleep quality has been so good that I can function with just 2.5hrs of sleep and even workout twice a day! Who knows. It’s only been a week so I’ll see how long this trend keeps up. Will write an article on biohacking sleep soon!

AM: Recovery + Aerobic 

1. Oscillating Self-Mobilization

This is a new recovery technique I just devised today! Will write an article about this in more detail soon. Here’s a short homemade video 😉


Time: 40minutes
Notes: Did this slowly and gradually.
From the article I’m working on titled “Recovery: Oscillating Self-Mobilization”

“Today, I woke up with slightly sore and tight muscles. After my morning meditation, I was in such a relaxed, peaceful state that I just felt like doing some yoga. But my muscles were tight and stiff so I knew I had to include some movement to warm up and avoid injuring myself. That’s where the idea of Oscillating Self-Mobilization (OSM) naturally pieced itself together.

Essentially, I added some Yoga principles into mobilization. Particularly emphasizing oscillation in tandem with deep breathing. This is different from dynamic swinging because there is no forceful swinging or jerking involved which has a higher potential to overstretch your muscle or even tear it.”

Stay tuned for more…

2. SMR
Did 20mins of rolling my ‘trouble spots’. Mainly my right hip flexor, low back and lats. Gradually building a habit that will last.

3. Easy Trail Run


Time: 40mins
Distance: 2 miles

1 Set until lactate threshold or until the point where I can’t do continuously anymore.
– Burpees (30)
– Pull-ups (15)
– Single arm medium weight tire flips (100)
Notes: Tried the nearest trail Yvonne showed me the other day (link to post). Ran just before sunrise and the view is awesome! I was on one of the smaller hills so I’m looking forward to conquering the higher peaks! But gotta read up on safety first. Worried about snakes, scorpions, coyotes and etc.

At the top of the trial I got buzzed by this big black beetle or wasp like thing. That frightened me tremendously as I thought it was gonna sting me any moment for intruding into its territory. I charged down the hill at top speed! HR went up to 190 and I have never ran so fast down such a steep hill in my life before! It continued chasing me for awhile then gave up. Whew.

Any experienced trail runners reading this have any advice? I have a hunch that it was a hummingbird because when I got home I saw some small black ones buzzing around the house where there are honey-water lamps hanging out at the porch. Can’t rmb clearly now because all I did was hear the noise, glance, panic and bolt! Haha.

PM: Strength Endurance Circuit


Time: 30mins
3 sets until threshold of:
1. Side-to-side Burpees on sandbag (15)
2. Rotating deadlift bent-over rows
3. Loaded carries (~2mins)
No rest

Notes: Simple whole body routine consisting only 3 exercises designed with Obstacle Course Racing (OCR) in mind. Included some rotary and lateral movements so I don’t neglect these planes of motion. Short and sweet!

*Actually I was in a rush because we were going out for dinner. So it was rather impromptu but glad it was challenging enough! 🙂


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