How To Wash Foods to Turn Them Almost “Organic”!

Sometimes, going 100% organic can be very expensive. Especially in Singapore where organic can be upwards of 10x the non-organic produce price.

Here’s a simple trick to wash your veggies and fruits to get rid of most of the pesticides, herbicides, dirt, bugs, mould and anything nasty you cant see and dont wanna eat!

1⃣ Sprinkle some Baking Soda (Amazon, iHerb)

2⃣ Pour vinegar (Amazon, iHerb) over the Soda and watch them react! 💨
(I overdid the Vinegar here… A cheap BPA free spray bottle would be perfect for this)

3⃣ Wash and rinse thoroughly with filtered water at least 3 times

4⃣ Compare with some unwashed ones and you will see and feel the difference! It much more shinier and feels so clean.

Stay fit & healthy and be the change you want to see in the world! 💪🏻😉

From Instagram: @jahntang

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