W6D2 – Strength 

Hours of sleep: 7.5

Sleep quality: 7/10

HRV: 78

Notes: Woke up at 3am but felt lazy and went back to sleep. Woke up again at 7am but this time had the unpleasant feeling of having slept too much.

AM: Yoga + SMR

1. Man Flow Yoga Flow Session 4

Reflection: Another awesome yoga workout. Learnt 2 new poses: Gorilla and needle pose. Dean even taught some beginner handstand and planche moves. Also starting to feel improvements in strength, balance and flexibility after only 4 weekly sessions of ManFlowYoga. Wow.  Able to hold the poses longer without falling over too.

2. SMR

Did 10mins of rolling for low back after. It really takes consistency and persistence to knead your tissues back to health. But I’m confident after 3 months it’s gonna get better. Already starting to feel the difference after doing this daily.

PM: Strength + Yoga + SMR

FUNctional Training 😄

1. Ultimate Sandbag strength circuit

Sandbag Weight: ~ 40lb (almost half filled)

4 rounds of:

Deadlift x 15

Bear Hug Squat x 15

Burpees x 10

Shoulder press x 10

Bent-Over Row x 10

100 deep breaths of Jumping Jacks / High Knees / Imaginary Skipping

Rest: 2-3 mins

Reflection: Got the Amazon package today! Finally… the drought has ended! I can do some lifting again. I gotta say this form of training is extremely functional. It allows you to move in all three planes of motion with the weight, something that barbells and weight-machines aren’t very effective with.  Thus, there’s also a lot more of the element of stability involved and I had to engage my core muscles much more conciously. Presently, I feel like my body has taken a beating but in a good way! Looking forward to more Sandbag Training!

2. Yoga + SMR

Time: 1hr

Just a cool down. Stretching just felt sooo good that I got carried away!

Rewarded myself with some curry marinated grassfed beef, brown rice, mixed veggies, coconut water and kombucha!(not in picture)

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