W4D3 – Strength & Met Con

Weights / Gym

Finish one exercise then move on, rest as long as needed. (Reps in brackets)

Jefferson Deadlift, 60kg (6L-7R-10L-6R)

Dips, body weight (8-8-9-12-14)

Front racked Squats, 40kg (6-7-8-8)

Weighted pull-ups, 10kg (bodyweight:26, 5-6-6)

Met Con Workout 

Circuit workout with no rest!

3 sets of 1min per exercise:

Alternate medicine ball archer push-ups

Seated ball twist (L)

Burpees with medicine ball (push ball up in the air after jumping but no push up below)

Seated ball twist (R)


First time doing weights in almost a year! Also first time doing so many new exercises like Jefferson Deadlifts and Front Racked Squats. Took my brain some time to adjust to the new movement patterns, hence the light weights haha. Also, first time doing a Metabolic Conditioning workout straightaway after a strength workout. Really intense and kicked up some ‘afterburn’ effect of raised metabolism for a few hours post-workout. That Met Con was very satisfying as far as circuit training goes. Felt like I sprinted a 2.4km or did a swim sprint interval set although it only lasted 12mins! Similar ‘lung expanding’ effect!

Amazing workout with Jack, check out his blog for his daily grinds!  Looking forward to more! 😄😈


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