W3D6 – Strength


WU: 750m loaded carry with 16kg kettlebell + dynamic swinging

2 sets AMRAP (Reps in brackets) circuit-style with minimal rest between exercises: 

Kettlebell swing (50, 50)

Pushups (20, 20)

Jumping lunges (20, 20,)

Reclined rows (20, 20,)

Leg lifts (10, 10)

Consecutive Mountain climbers to elbow + followed by alternate elbow (10+5, 20)

Calf raisers (20, 25)

Pull-ups (15, 16)

1-handed Shoulder press with smallest weight log L/R (10/8, 10)

Lateral leg raisers (20, 20) 

Vampire sit-ups (10, 10,)

Hanging front Levers (5, 5 tries)

CD: Extensive full body yoga style stretch + loaded carry back home and up the stairs

Total time: 1hr 15mins

Reflection: Strength days are my favorite days of the week! Not to mention the toughest too. My body took a full 4 days to recover from the previous session. 

I cut the sets down to 2 instead of the usual 3 because I’m anticipating another workout tmr with The Fitness Extremist aka Jack The Ripper! Not kidding, this guy can make you RIPPED.

After carrying the kettlebell to my local park’s exercise pit, the usual gang of old folks there were fascinated by it! They kept asking me what weight it was and started picking it up and doing all sorts of exercises from rows to bicepcurls. Haha, looks like I’m carrying it down every time I workout from now! 

Side note: 

I just bought this Amino 1000 by Precision Engineered for about $15 at my local Holland & Barrett. Was thinking of using this to complement intermittent fasting and reduce catabolism. Anyone have any experience with BCAAs or any recommendations? Always appreciate feedback/opinions/comments! 🙂 



2 thoughts on “W3D6 – Strength

  1. Hi John! Happened to chance upon your blog and I have to say I’m really inspired by what you’re doing – congrats on coming back from injury and working your way up to max fitness! I would like to ask though – what’s your secret for being able to improve your pull-ups so quickly? I’m seeing that you’re able to improve from 1 to 15 in just 4 weeks? I’ve been working on it for 4 months and I’ve only improved from 4 initially to 14. Would appreciate it if you can share some tips.

    Cheers and all the best!

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