45 mins AMLAP. 32 laps completed. 

Alternate between freestyle (7-5strokes1breath) and breaststroke (5-3strokes1breath) every 50m

HR: 170-180

Today was supposed to be strength day but my muscles were still aching so I switched it with tmr’s program. No point grinding and risking another injury that could potentially set me back a week or two.

Feeling smoother, in terms of technique and with the transition using tumble turns. Still a lot to improve on!

Water kept leaking into my goggles and it was frustrating to keep stopping to adjust them. I’m using the Speedo Futura Plus. I think it’s the lack of adjustable nose bridge. Anyone have good goggle brands or models to recommend? Better yet, anyone have extra goggles they don’t want and willing to sell secondhand? Good condition of course. šŸ˜


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